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Urgent Care in Fort Mill, SC

Friday Night Fast Track Orthopaedic Care

The Friday Night Clinic at SpecOrtho is an urgent orthopaedic care program offering care for the local high school football teams and other urgent orthopaedic walk-ins. In order to relieve the ER/Urgent Care staff and resources, SpecOrtho is now welcoming walk-in patients with urgent musculoskeletal injuries at our Fort Mill location. Our doctor will see all orthopaedic injuries aside from back and neck injuries. Through the Friday Night Fast Track patients can receive late night office visits for evaluation and diagnosis, X-ray’s, and casting/bracing. If you are seeking urgent orthopaedic care, please call (803) 548-6464 and visit our orthopaedic clinic in Fort Mill, SC.

Sports Injury Consultation

The orthopaedic surgeons at SpecOrtho will fully asses your condition and determine the extent of your injury and the treatment options available based on your injury. Our orthopaedic surgeons are dedicated to helping patients recover from their injury and get back into the game.


X-ray is the oldest and most frequently used form of diagnostic imaging. X-rays can produce detailed images of the human body on film or in a digital format, which allows physicians to view and assess broken bones or other injuries. X-rays are an important tool in guiding orthopaedic surgery and in the treatment of sports-related injuries. X-ray images may uncover more advanced forms of cancer in a patient’s bones, although traditional cancer screenings will typically require other types of diagnostic testing.

Casting and Bracing

If our providers determine that you need nonsurgical treatment for your injury, they may recommend a brace, cast, or some type of support for your injury while it heals.

Urgent Orthopaedic Care in Fort Mill, SC

The orthopaedic surgeons at SpecOrtho provide urgent care services for athletes in the Fort Mill area. If you have a sports-related injury that resulted in a sprain, strain, or fracture, or dislocation, contact SpecOrtho to meet with our sports medicine specialists for diagnosis and treatment.