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Foot and Ankle Clinic in Fort Mill, SC

Our orthopaedic team provides specialized care for ankle and foot conditions which can arise from:

  • Sports related injuries
  • Work related injuries
  • Fractures
  • Arthritis
  • Degenerative disease

Patients travel from York, Lancaster, South Mecklenburg, and Surrounding Counties to receive the latest foot & ankle pain treatment from Fort Mills leaders in Orthopaedic Care. If you are experiencing foot & ankle pain, contact the orthopaedic specialists at SpecOrtho for personalized diagnosis and treatment of your condition. If you would like to schedule an appointment at our orthopaedic clinic in Fort Mill, SC, please call (803) 548-6464 or request an appointment online.

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What Are Common Conditions of the Foot and Ankle?

Tendonitis: Progressive wear and tear on the many tendons in the lower extremities can lead to a common condition known as tendonitis. Individuals with tendonitis will typically experience pain with movement of the foot and ankle, which will gradually worsen until the area is properly treated.

Ligament Sprains and Tears: Our specialists often see issues of sprains and tears in the ligaments of the feet in athletes and other active individuals. Sprains typically only require minor intervention, while a partial or full tear can require surgical treatment. It is important to see a SpecOrtho specialist to determine if your pain is caused by a sprain or a tear, to obtain the proper treatment.

Ankle and Foot Fractures: Fractures of the ankle or foot can cause significant and lasting damage which requires careful attention from an orthopaedic specialist.

Problems of the Achilles’ Tendon: As one of the most important structures within the foot, and the largest tendon in the entire body, the Achilles tendon can lead to severe pain if it develops tendonitis, becomes partially torn, or is completely ruptured.

Turf Toe: Turf Toe is an injury which occurs when the great toe is “jammed” during sporting or work activities.

Ankle Cartilage Injury: Acute trauma can produce cartilage damage in the ankle.  A condition called osteochondritis dissecans also causes damage to the bone and cartilage of the talus.

Bone Spurs: Bone spurs can occur in the ankle joint from general wear and tear, or from recurrent ankle sprains.

Arthritis: As with other areas of the body, arthritis can be the result of past injuries or normal wear and tear on the joint.

Tendon Tears: Tendons can tear acutely from trauma, or slowing from normal daily activities.

Ankle Instability: Instability of the ankle is the result of ankle sprains or fractures.


What Treatment is Recommended for Foot & Ankle Pain?

By seeking treatment soon after your symptoms appear, the specialists located at our state-of-art facilities in Fort Mill are able to provide patients with quality care for a wide variety of ankle and foot conditions.

Our office staff utilizes many modern advancements in arthroscopic and minimally invasive surgical procedures to ensure treatment in the least painful / most effective way possible. Many of the ankle and foot conditions diagnosed at Specortho can be treated using one of the following treatment methods.


An arthroscopic procedure is beneficial to both diagnosing as well as treating conditions of the ankle or foot. Arthroscopic surgery involves making a very small incision, and then inserting a medical grade camera to give a clear view of the internal structures of the ankle; this camera is then utilized to perform surgery through other small incisions using special equipment. Your physician may recommend an arthroscopy of the foot or ankle if you have negative symptoms from one of the following conditions:

  • Impingement
  • Bone spurs
  • Ankle cartilage injury
  • Loose bodies
  • Severe scars

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Minimally invasive surgery, which uses very small incisions, may be utilized to:

  • Fix fractures
  • Remove bone spurs
  • Repair tendons
  • Take care of other conditions


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No matter what the cause, you should see SpecOrtho for treatment of any ankle and foot pain you may be experiencing. To schedule an appointment with our orthopaedic surgeons, please call (803)548-6464 or request an appointment online. Our orthopaedic clinic in Fort Mill, SC is conveniently located for patients located in or around York, Lancaster, South Mecklenburg, and Surrounding Counties.
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