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One of the most recognized knee specialists in Fort Mill, our orthopaedic clinic treats in knee conditions and injuries with conservative treatments as well as surgical intervention. As an orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Feltham excels in treating knee injuries, acute knee conditions and helping to prevent degenerative knee conditions. Dual Board-Certified in Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine, he is a well-known knee specialist for his expertise and individualized patient care. Using the most advanced minimally-invasive arthroscopic surgical techniques whenever possible, Dr. Feltham can help you get back to the pain-free quality of life you deserve.

Dr. Tallerico is a recognized expert in partial and total knee replacements, and trained under renowned surgeon Dr. E. Marlowe Goble. His expertise includes robotic-assisted knee replacement, and as a Mako SmartRobotics™ champion he not only performs hundreds of the procedure, he also teaches other surgeons how to do it.

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The structure of the knee.

What is the Knee?

The knee is a complex joint that bears a tremendous amount of weight — which is why it’s so prone to pain and injury requiring a knee specialist for treatment. It is made up of four bones being the femur, tibia, patella, and rides. The femur or thighbone is the bone that connects the hip to the knee.

The tibia (also known as the shinbone) connects the knee to the ankle. The patella (or kneecap) is the small bone in front of the knee that rides on the knee joint as the knee bends. Finally, the fibula is a thinner and shorter bone running parallel to the tibia on its outside. The knee joint acts like a hinge but with some rotation.


How Do Knee Injuries Happen?

Knee injuries often occur when the knee is in use, whether a person is at work, playing a sport, or using the knee in another way. But knee issues can also develop over time when a person isn’t even aware. The most common is the simple wear and tear that occurs when you use your knees in daily life over the years. This includes bending down to pick up an item, walking up the stairs, or exercising. Conditions, such as arthritis, can also bring about pain.

Because the knee is a weight-bearing joint, it means it not only undergoes stress due to use but also undergoes strain due to the weight that is put on it. One example to help understand this is to think of a person’s own body weight—if that person is obese, the knee joints will undergo more stress than a person who is of average weight. Therefore, an obese person is at a higher risk for knee issues.


Kids playing soccer.

How Are Knee Injuries Treated?

The leading knee surgeon in Fort Mill treats knee conditions depending on the cause and severity. There are a variety of nonsurgical treatments for knee issues, including physical therapy, corticosteroid injections, and knee drainage. However, if medications or other treatment options aren’t working, Dr. Feltham may recommend knee surgery.

Surgery is commonly used to repair joints that have been damaged by traumatic injuries, such as sports injuries or car accident injuries. Many of these procedures can be performed on an outpatient basis, allowing patients to return home the same day.

Dr. Feltham performs many knee procedures, using minimally invasive techniques when he can. Some of these surgeries include:

  • ACL Reconstruction / Repair
  • Revision ACL reconstruction,
  • Joint Preservation
  • Multi-ligament and Knee Dislocation
  • PCL reconstruction
  • LCL Repair
  • Posterior Lateral Corner (PLC)
  • MCL repair and reconstruction
  • Medial patella-femoral ligament repair/reconstruction
  • patellar and quadriceps tendon repair
  • Meniscal repair
  • Partial Meniscectomy
  • Root repair
  • Reshaping for discoid meniscus
  • Articular cartilage restorative procedures:
    • microfracture
    • OATS (Osteochondral Allograft Transplantation Surgery)
    • cadaver OATS
    • autologous cell implantation (ACI)
    • Matrix-Assisted Cell Implantation (MACI)
    • allograft tissue implantation

**Knee cap disorders (patellofemoral) are managed through a variety of techniques including an MPFL reconstruction, and distal realignment with a tibial tubercle osteotomy often called a Fulkerson osteotomy.

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