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Common Hip Conditions Treated by SpecOrtho

Hip arthroscopy is an advanced medical procedure that utilizes minimally invasive surgical techniques to minimize incisions, potential complications, and recovery time for patients. The specialists at SpecOrtho recommend these methods to treat many common hip problems and disorders, including femoral acetabular impingement, labral tears, loose bodies, and cartilage damage.

Labral Tear of the Hip

On the rim of the acetabulum (socket) exists a ring of soft cartilage which acts as a gasket, holding in the lubricating fluid which allows the hip joint to move without friction. This cartilage is called the labrum, and when torn can lead to many symptoms, both painful and mechanical, which often require surgery to repair.  Labral tears are very common with FAI (see below).   

Femoral Acetabular Impingement

Femoral acetabular impingement, or FAI, is a disorder of the hip that results from the development of extra bone along the femoral head or acetabulum, which make up the ball and socket joint of the hip. The additional bone can pinch surrounding tissues as the hip is rotated during simple motions, and can cause the joint to move irregularly thus leading to early arthritis.

During an arthroscopic procedure for FAI, the excess bone will be shaved down or removed to eliminate the impingement.  During the procedure the labrum will also be inspected, and typically requires repair.

Loose Bodies

It is not uncommon for small pieces of bone or cartilage to become dislodged and float within the hip joint. These are known as loose bodies.  It is possible for the loose bodies to be caught between the joint surfaces and cause damage. These should be removed surgically if individuals experience painful or catching symptoms.

Cartilage Damage

Through injury, FAI (see above), loose bodies or biologic causes, the joint surface cartilage may become damaged.  This can result in pain, loose bodies, inflammation, and further joint surface damage leading to early arthritis. Arthroscopy may be needed to fix the problem, if conservative treatments are ineffective.

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