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When to See a Specialist for Your Child’s Knee Pain

With the warm weather on its way, parents are likely to be faced with kids complaining of knee pain. They fall, overdo it playing sports, combined with bending, climbing and stretching the wrong way. Sometimes they may complain about it, and then never mention it again. But other times the pain becomes severe and doesn’t go away. It is important to know when to see a specialist for your child’s knee pain.

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How To Keep Your Knees Healthy As You Age

Do you hear a creak when you get up from a chair? Is it becoming more difficult to kneel down to do your gardening? If so, you know what “old man time” can do to your knees. That snap, crackle, and pop is not what you want to hear. The good news is, how to keep your knees healthy as you age is really not as difficult as you may think.

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Ladder Safety Tips For Hanging Holiday Lights

Some folks can be mighty stubborn when it comes to DIY chores. Hanging holiday lights (and taking them down later) are of particular concern, especially for those with any joint or vision issues or if you are a senior. Even if you are young and agile, there are still ladder safety tips for hanging holiday lights you show know about.

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