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Ladder Safety Tips For Hanging Holiday Lights

Some folks can be mighty stubborn when it comes to DIY chores. Hanging holiday lights (and taking them down later) are of particular concern, especially for those with any joint or vision issues or if you are a senior. Even if you are young and agile, there are still ladder safety tips for hanging holiday lights you show know about.

Use The Right Size Ladder

If you have a ladder but it doesn’t reach over your roof line, put it back in the garage. Borrow a neighbor’s or get a new one. Don’t even think about trying to reach upward on the highest step or stretch to reach something as this will lead to injury. There is nothing unmanly about having the right tools for the job. That is just smart.

Holiday Ladder Safety

Balance Is Non-Negotiable

If you have any issues with balance, if you are not feeling well, or if you find it difficult to handle heights, you know what to do. Let someone else do the job of hanging your lights.

Steady As She Goes

Be sure your ladder is on solid, level ground. There should be no movement or swaying. Place it on concrete or a flat surface, and it is always helpful to have someone serve as a spotter.

Wear Proper Footwear

Find your sturdiest tennis shoes or work boots before going on a ladder. Any other type of footwear can be slippery and not provide the proper foundation. Avoid leather soles, and opt for slip resistant shoes.

Keep An Eye Out For The Weather

Speaking of slippery, never get on a ladder in inclement weather. Rain, wind, snow, and sleet are not your friend. The lights can wait another day.

Take Your Time And Move The Ladder

This is one of the most common causes of injury. You decide to save time and just lean out to hang or adjust your lights. Take the extra few minutes, get down, and move the ladder.

Don’t Become Part Of The Statistics

Almost 200,000 people visit emergency rooms every year from ladder accidents, and 300 die from falling off a ladder.

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