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Stress Fracture Treatment in Fort Mill, SC

A stress fracture, sometimes called a hairline fracture, is a tiny crack or line in the bone usually caused by repetitive force.

If you are experiencing pain and suspect you may have a stress fracture, contact the orthopaedic surgeons at SpecOrtho for personalized diagnosis and treatment of your condition. If you would like to schedule an appointment at our orthopaedic clinic in Fort Mill, SC, please call (803) 548-6464 or request an appointment online.

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What Does a Stress Fracture Feel Like?

If you have the following symptoms, you may have a stress fracture:

  • Pain – Dull ache where the fracture is located
  • Swelling – At the site of injury
  • Tenderness – May feel especially tender or sensitive in one place
  • Bruising – Blood rushes to the injured site so it may look purple or blue
  • Weakness – Loss of strength or sturdiness, avoiding weight or other ways to minimize pain

Am I at Risk for a Stress Fracture?

If you are involved in a lot of physical activity, it may put an increased burden on your bones and muscles, increasing your risk for a stress fracture.

Bones subjected to force without enough time for recovery, resorb cells faster than your body can replace them. This is what might make you more susceptible to stress fractures.

Other risk factors include:

Sports: If you are involved in any sport in which your feet hit the ground repeatedly, you may be at risk for a stress fracture. This can occur from running, jumping, and pivoting quickly. This is common in sports such as basketball, track and field, tennis, and gymnastics.

Overuse: Stress fractures are typically overuse injuries. Perhaps you’ve been in a tournament or excessive practice regimen. Your muscles are overworked, and the stress transfers to the bone, leaving a small crack.

Improper Warm-Up: You can also get a stress fracture from suddenly increasing the amount of time you play your sport after having been sedentary. For example, if you return on the court for rigorous play after you have been sitting out, sick for weeks, or haven’t warmed up properly. To avoid stress fractures, you can ramp up your activity after being out for a period of time.

Poor Shoes or Equipment: If you are running or playing a sport in poor shoes, you may be a risk for a stress fracture.

Lack of Nutrients Or Osteoporosis: Loss of bone density, eating disorders, and lack of vitamin D and calcium can make bones more likely to develop stress fractures.

What Do Stress Fractures Affect?

It is possible to have a stress fracture in any bone that is overused, including shoulders for repetitive throwing, elbows for avid tennis players, or even the ribs from a rowing athlete. If a bone is part of a repeated, strenuous athletic motion or physical activity, it could be at risk for a stress fracture.

How Are Stress Fractures Treated?

To diagnose a stress fracture, the board-certified orthopaedic specialists at SpecOrtho will likely call for an X-ray of the area. You may also need a bone scan or an MRI if you need to take a closer look. Often, this imaging will help you rule out more severe issues with the painful area.

Stress fractures should be addressed right away. If they aren’t treated, the whole bone could be fractured all the way through. Pushing through the pain is not a good idea.

Stress fractures can be extremely painful, but sometimes need to heal on their own. Rest, ice, and proper monitoring of activities is essential toward healing.

To reduce the bone’s weight-bearing load until healing occurs, you might need to wear a walking boot,  brace, or use crutches. This is to ease your bone of the weight for a period of time to help it recover.

It is unusual for a stress fracture to need surgery, unless it occurs in an area pec with poor blood supply. It may also help athletes wanting to return to full strength more quickly or laborers whose work requires use of the stress fracture site.

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